Would you like to support Mr. K’s Pet Shelter?

If you would like to support the animals by making a monthly donation, just become a sponsor by joining Mr. K’s Angels. We know things are economically tight for a lot of people these days, and we can definitely relate. Unfortunately, the problem with homeless and abandoned animals continues. We do all that we can, but as you know, everything takes money.

Our goal is to get enough monthly sponsors to keep funds on hand for the day to day operations of Mr. K’s and to have enough for unexpected emergencies. We always seem to be working in the arrears, and although we always get things done, it can be overwhelming at times. If we can get enough regular sponsors that can donate $10/$20/$50 or whatever amount they can afford, it will go a long way in helping the animals.

No amount is too small. So we hope you will consider a monthly donation to Mr. K’s. All donations are tax deductable. They can be set up several ways. If you’d like to mail payments, we will send you a receipt with a donation reminder for the next  month. You can also make a donation though out the website, on the donate tab, on the left hand side. If you run into any problems with this method, please let us know. Banks will also set up automatic payments that can be processed and sent out. We can also send out monthly E-Mail reminders if you’d like. Whatever method works best for you.

We appreciate donations in any amount. It all helps!

Mr. K’s is a 501(c)(3) so all donations are Tax Deductable. Just ask for a receipt.